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All Star Tournament Games
by posted 06/08/2019

To the ANSLL Families:

Please come out and support our ANSLL teams as they play in tournament‚ games.

The ANSLL games and results:


June 15 - 9,10,11 District Team vs. SYA West  - ANSLL won 13-2
June 15 -
8,9,10 District Team vs. SYA West - ANSLL won 15-3
June 16 - 8/9 Minors vs SYA East - ANSLL won 16-6
June 16 -9/11 Minors vs Fairfax National - ANSLL won 18-17

June 19 - 8,9,10 District Team vs. Fairfax American - ANSLL won 9-2
June 20 - 
9,10,11 District Team vs. Fairfax National - ANSLL lost 6-0
June 21 -  8/9 Minors vs Fairfax American ANSLL won 14 to 8
June 21 - 9-11 Minors vs SYA East ANSLL lost 15 - 2
June 21- 8,9,10 District Team vs. CYA - ANSLL won 11-1 
June 22 -  9,10,11 District Team vs. Fairfax American- ANSLL won 5-3 Playing in semi final game
June 22 - 8, 9,10 District Team vs. Fairfax National - ANSLL won 6-3Playing in Championship game
June 23 - 9/11 Minors vs Fairfax National  - ANSLL won 30-12
June 23 - 
8/9 Minors vs Chantilly - ANSLL lost 28-17 
Playing in semi final game
June 23 - 9,10,11 District Team vs. Fairfax National - ANSLL lost 14-12
June 24 - Majors District Team vs Fairfax American - ANSLL lost 5 to 1
June 24 - 8,9,10 District Team vs SYA East -
Championship game ANSLL lost 5 to 4   


Tuesday June 25 - Helwig Field #3  9-11 Minors vs Coles @ 7pm
Tuesday June 25 - Thaiss Field #5 9/9 Minors vs Fairfax National - 
Semi Final Game
Wednesday June 26 - Pine Ridge Majors District Team vs SYA East @ 7pm
Thursday June 27 - Burke Majors District Team vs Fairfax National @ 7pm

If you can lend a hand we need volunteers for the Pine Ridge games.  There are numerous volunteer opportunities.  Please visit the Signup Genius to volunteer for a game.  The link is:

Thank you!
The Tournament Committee

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ANSLL Tournament Announcement
by posted 06/01/2019

ANSLL Tournament Announcement

Below are the teams that will represent ANSLL in the Minors Special Games and in the Little League District 10 post season tournaments.


8/9 Minors Team, Manager: Don Forrer
Natalie Chappell
Colman Forrer
Jacob Gould
Jonah Kelly
Brody LeRoy
Liam McMurry
Daniel Moreth
Brett Patterson
Linden St. Clair
Joseph Subasavage
Joseph Taylor
Ryan Tran

9/11 - Minors Team, Manager: Gregory Fedor
Noah Caza
Jack Corley
JT Eubank
Will Fedor
Ben Hunter
Luke Hutchinson
Garner Lynncook
Kai McMurry
Titus McMurtrie
Davin Nong
Jake Patterson
Will Pitts
Thomas Syron

8-10 - Little League Team, Manager: Mike Laskofski
Jacob Baniszewski
Liam Craige
Hunter Dalton
Hudson Drumm
Kenny Hawkins
Carson Keller
Chase Keller
Andrew Laskofski
Colton Mayes
Jun McKeever
Noah Plank
Conor Rondeau
Benjamin Torbert

9-11 - Little League Team, Manager: Don Pedersen
James Berens
Zachary Hibner
Aaron Hjalmervik
Matthew Holcomb
Luke Houghton
Jacob Hurley
Joseph McCarthy
James "Theo" Munday
Riley Pedersen
Seth Rembrandt
Raymond Rivera
Christian Sleigh
Mason Wycinsky

10-12 - Little League Team, Manager: Dan Dove
David Baniszewski
Shaan Bhaskar
Oliver Crandol
Dominic Cuadros
Tyler Dalton
James Dove
Mathew Drenning
Vincenzo Fiorino
Evan George
Aidan Jones
Barrett Pullen
Lucas Riedel
Matt Schaeb

Juniors Manager: Rick Elliott
Daniel Cassata
Scott Durbin
Eric Gamble
Quinn Johnson
Jimmy Levin
Jack McCarthy
Jacob Parker
Zach Plank
Ian Santamauro
Tobin Schneider
Brandon Shelhorse
Ben Warth
Tim White

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Virginia District 3 Golf Tournament Fundraiser
by posted 05/06/2019

Virginia District 3 and Broadway Little League is going to host the Junior Baseball Regional Tournament for the next three years, maybe for the foreseeable future if everything works out.
To help raise funds to support this massive effort, they are hosting a golf tournament on July 27, 2019 in Luray VA.  Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested in participating in the tournament and/or may just want to make a donation to help cover the costs.  If any leagues would be able to make a donation, it will be appreciated.
See flyer for more details
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Nationals Team Up Day for ANSLL - July 7
by posted 04/20/2019


TEAM UP DAY July 7, 1:35pm vs KC

  • Two free tickets for every VA league players in a Team UP member league
  • "Price of admission" is wearing their Nationals provided top to the game
  • Two free tickets for every VA league coach in a Team UP member league
  • "Price of admission" is wearing their "Coach" cap to the game
  • Tickets available for pick-up day of the game at the ballpark beginning at 10:30 am
  • Should tickets be needed for additional family members the Nationals box office will be prepared to seat free tickets with any additional paid tickets.

Click HERE to download Flyer

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Opening Day 15% Discount Code for ANSLL Apparel!
by posted 02/09/2019

Please visit the ANSLL Apparel Store to help support your local little league.

Opening Day Special - First 50 orders get 15% off with code "ANSLL15"

Contact at equipment@ansll.org for questions or special requests.
With our new online store:
  • There is no waiting for a bulk order that is done a few times per year
  • Order and pay for apparel when you are ready and have it shipped directly to you
  • There is no minimum order, and the site usually offers free shipping on a dollar amount noted on top of the page
  • There are a number of useful filters on the left side of the store pages to help narrow down your selections
  • If you see a logo, color or item that you like, but would like it styled differently, let us know
  • Direct all questions, requests and suggestions to at equipment@ansll.org
  • If you need technical help during your order, click the blue help bubble on the right side of the SquadLocker page
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